Course Description

This course is designed to prepare students for first year algebra. Students are introduced to working with radicals and integer exponents, proportional relationships, lines, linear equations, pairs of simultaneous linear equations, functions, the Pythagorean Theorem, transformations, and congruence/similarity of shapes. A State Assessment to evaluate each students knowledge in this level of mathematics will be administered in April.

Class Expectations

·         RESPECT yourself and each other.

·         Be on time

·         Be Prepared

·         Be Ready to Learn

·         Bring a Pencil and binder each day

Class Materials

·         Student Planner

·         3-ring binder (2 inch)

·         Folder

·         Pencils

Class Procedure

·         Before you enter the class:

o   Make sure you have all materials needed for class time

o   Have a PENCIL

·         When you enter the classroom:

o   Pick up classroom materials located on counter in back of room

o   Read and fill in the blanks for the focus question of the day

o   Get homework out to be turned in on day that it is due on (Thursdays)

Classroom Behavior Plan

·         Strike #1: Verbal Warning

·         Strike #2: Seat Change

·         Strike #3: Removal from class/Discipline referral

Note to parents: In order to keep you informed of important events and upcoming tests, I would like to generate an email list. If you are interested in receiving class updates, please send me an email at and I will add you to the class list. 

Students can redo/retake any homework assignment or quiz that they would like to get a better grade on.
Corrections can be completed on Unit Tests to get their grade half way to 100%.  


Grading will be on a point system

·         Homework assignments will be assigned each Friday

o   Each weekly assignment is worth 15 points

•Assignments are due the following Thursday and consist of 6 multiple choice, (1 point each) 2 short-answer, (2 points each) and 2 extended response questions (3 points each).

•1 point is deducted for each day a homework assignment is late.

·         Quizzes and Unit Assessments

o  Quizzes are administered after each topic is completed and worth 30 points each

o   Unit Assessments are administered at the end of a Unit consisting of about 3 topics and are worth 100 points.

o   All tests are announced well ahead of time to allow time for studying and review will be done in class for each Assessment.

·         Project

o   Project will be given a point value based on the length and amount of time required on the project

·         Extra Credit

o   Extra Credit will be provided throughout the marking periods and students will be awarded bonus points upon completion.

Absentee Responsibilities

Fill in the lesson notes and complete practice set problems in your math packet by viewing a peers work or the notes binder in the back of the classroom to get caught up on the days you were absent. Homework is due the day that you return to classes if you miss a Thursday class.