WELCOME!!! School Year 2016-2017

     I am really looking forward to working with all of you....Middle School Students AND families!  This is the start of my 19th year working with Middle School age students - I must be eligible for a purple heart by now?!?! All joking aside, this age group is so wonderfully exciting/ challenging.  I use the adjectivities, exciting and challenging, interchangeably because it is truly awesome AND frustrating to see these youngsters mature and grow increasingly more independent.  I promise you there will be moments that you as parents and guardians feel pure pride when you look at your middle school-age child, balanced with just as many moments of pure agitation.
What's Happening.....        

School Opens - September 6th 2016

Middle School Spirit Week        Dates - TBD

Middle School Pep Rally            TBD

Open House - 


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