Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club

 Our purpose is to assist the Board of Education, the High School Principal and the 
Athletic Director in any way possible in the development of a healthy athletic program.
 The Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club is 501c3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization

 What we fund...
  • Block L Awards Banquet
  • Individual sports’ teams’ banquets
  • Book scholarships for  graduating   athletes
  • Athletic camp scholarships
  • Athlete hardships
  • Non-Athletic hardships
  • Coaching clinics
  • Captain’s pictures
  • Yearbook ad
  • Team special requests
  • Senior Rehearsal Picnic

  • Booster Club Golf Tournament  (3rd Saturday in July)
  • Concessions—indoor-outdoor
  • Clothing Sales
  • Spaghetti dinners
  • Can and bottle drives
  • Soda machines
  • Chicken BBQs
  • Tax exempt 501c3 donations

 Booster Club Officers

Andy Capone

Vice President 
Ron Thomas

Shawn Macaulay

Executive Secretary
Rob Goss

Jenn Wood

Please contact any officer if you are interested in joining the Booster Club.

 How can you help

 Support fundraising projects
· Join Booster Club
· Attend meetings
· Help at fundraising events

To be added to an email list or to make a tax exempt charitable  donation contact the   High School Office  at 376-9015.  
Thank you!


The Lowville Academy All- Sports Athletic Booster Club is a group of parents, coaches, school administrators and community members whose mission is to enrich the Lowville Academy High School athletic community by providing financial support for Lowville Academy High School athletic programs.  Our Booster Club is 501C3 compliant (tax exempt status) and is most appreciative of any and all financial donations!

We are dedicated to the continued support of our student athletes, coaching staff, and the athletic program. In addition to financial support, the Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club recognizes that participation in high school athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved: the student body, coaching and teaching staff, parents, and the community. The athletic program is an extension of the classroom and teaches lifelong lessons!

The Lowville All-Sports Booster Club strives to support athletic and academic excellence, promote sportsmanship, and maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all student athletes at Lowville Academy and Central High School.

Through a multitude of fund-raising activities, Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club provides:

  • Proper equipment and accessory needs for needy student-athletes
  • Sports Summer Camp opportunities for all student-athletes grades 7-12
  • “Wish list” funding for Lowville Academy athletic teams
  • Scholarships to graduating senior student-athletes
  • Support for athletic “Pee-Wee” Programs at the primary and intermediate levels
  • Miscellaneous support for all sports programs