Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club


The Lowville Academy All- Sports Athletic Booster Club is a group of parents, coaches, school administrators and community members whose mission is to enrich the Lowville Academy High School athletic community by providing financial support for Lowville Academy High School athletic programs. Our Booster Club is 501C3 compliant (tax exempt status) and is most appreciative of any and all financial donations!

We are dedicated to the continued support of our student athletes, coaching staff, and the athletic program. In addition to financial support, the Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club recognizes that participation in high school athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved: the student body, coaching and teaching staff, parents, and the community. The athletic program is an extension of the classroom and teaches lifelong lessons!

The Lowville All-Sports Booster Club strives to support athletic and academic excellence, promote sportsmanship, and maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all student athletes at Lowville Academy and Central High School.

Through a multitude of fund-raising activities, Lowville Academy All-Sports Booster Club provides:

  • Proper equipment and accessory needs for needy student-athletes

  • Sports Summer Camp opportunities for all student-athletes grades 7-12

  • “Wish list” funding for Lowville Academy athletic teams

  • Scholarships to graduating senior student-athletes

  • Support for athletic “Pee-Wee” Programs at the primary and intermediate levels

  • Miscellaneous support for all sports programs