Welcome to Ms. Smith's 5th Grade Class!

Social Studies 
  • Currently, we are studying the Cold War and history until 1975. 
  • At the end of each unit, there will be a "Notebook Check Quiz."  The questions will come straight from the information contained in his/her binder (which they will be allowed to use during the quiz). Each page will be numbered and labeled according to the Table of Contents.       


Spiral Language Review quizzes will be on Wednesday's
  • Quizzes will come straight from the weekly Spiral Language Review sheets

Vocabulary quizzes will be every other Friday. 
  • Your student has a review sheet with all eight words in his/her binder under the tab labeled "Vocab." 
  • The next vocabulary test will be Friday, March 9th.


  • Your child will be responsible for reading at least one book per week (on his/her reading level) and taking an AR test. By Friday of each week, your child must have completed at least one AR test on a book of his/her choosing.
    • There will be allotted class time for your child to complete his/her AR test in class.