Beth Baker (6th grade Social Studies Teacher)
Ryan Dixon (School Counselor) 
Debbie Paine (VSU Department of Middle Grades Community Partner)

Funded by grants from the Colquitt Electric Membership Corp, 
the Valdosta Junior Service League,
Nancy McGee, Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful, Hahira Bee Festival Committee 

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Welcome to the Pine Grove Middle Beekeeping page!

Meetings for 2017:

September 6th

October 4th

November 1st

December 6th



Beth Baker’s room

Field Trip is May 12.  We will be heading to SeaWorld to visit a leading beekeeper.  We will have class and visit their bee hives.


Our first batch of honey: December 2016

Our HIVE INSPECTION in November 2016:


Our October 6th meeting consisted of building using hammers and nails! We completed 2 hives and TONS of frames!  We ROCK!

The Honeybee Festival (October 1st) was a HUGE SUCCESS! We were well supported by our community!  I heard SOOOO many positive comments!

We built a pollinator garden in September!  Our sweet "girls" (aka bees) will have plenty to eat over the winter!

We went to VSU for a field trip! It was a complete blast...

Yesterday's beekeeping meeting was fabulous!  Barry the Beekeeper (Barry Hart from Fargo) came and spent an hour telling the beekeepers about his job and how hives work.  He brought two nuks full of honey and honeycomb (and let us stick our fingers inside and TASTE).  He is one of our most favorite "Pollination Partners"!

March 15th:
We met at the Hahira Courthouse and received a $100 check for our club and WONDERFUL posters!  They were gracious enough to allow us to practice our speaking and presentation skills.

March 9th Meeting:
We painted the hives!  They look FABULOUS!  We cannot wait until the bees arrive (next month)!

FEBRUARY 17, 2016
Special guests (Nancy McGee and Debra Baker)

Our meeting consisted of taking roll, discussing the WONDERFUL donation that we received from "Aunt Nancy", building 2 hives, and painting 4! We had a marvelous meeting and got a ton done!

Please plan to be at our next two meetings, March 9th (Baker's classroom at 3:30) and March 15th (7pm at the Hahira Courthouse). Schedules are found inside the folder by Baker's door.




We had a Board Meeting during lunch on February 12th. Mrs. Baker, Mr. Dixon, and Dr. Paine were there to teach the Board about how meetings will be run from here on out. We talked about Robert's Rules and keeping records.

Our last meeting, on January 27th, was extremely exciting!  We had 2 guest speakers who taught us a lot of information and answered our MANY questions! We were VERY lucky to have Broadus Williams and Bear Kelley drive ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE from Cordele and Macon!  
Whats even more exciting is that we were on the FRONT page of the Valdosta Daily Times!
More News:

Our next meetings will be {3:30 in my classroom}

February 17th

March 9th

April 6th

May 4th

We may have other meetings so make sure you are registered for Remind 101’s


IMPORTANT:  The Honey Bee Festival Committee has invited us to their meeting on MARCH 15th at 7 pm at the Hahira Courthouse.  They are going to present our club with a few books (and hopefully some $$$).  They want us to participate in the Honey Bee Festival (with a booth, march in the parade, etc).  THIS WILL BE GREAT FOR US!  Things like this help us raise money!


The bees will arrive in May.  The wonderful guest speakers from last month’s meeting are working hard to get them to us sooner!  THAT WOULD BE A HUGE BLESSING FOR US!


If you are interested in purchasing your own beekeeping suit, I have found cheap ones on eBay.



January 27th will be our next meeting

December's meeting was plain AWESOME!  The kids built an ENTIRE hive (supers/nuks/base/etc) in less than an hour! It was AMAZING!  We are SOOOOOOO excited! Here are some pictures:


Our first meeting was held November 4, 2015 and we had 31 students and 4 adults attend.