The PGM counselors strive to help every student achieve success in all academic, social/emotional, and career goals.

Mrs. Tiffany Clemons is the counselor for students with last names starting with A - K.

Mr. Ryan Dixon is the counselor for students with last names starting L - Z.

Duke Talent Identification Program Students...the powerpoint is posted here

Short-Term Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Classroom Guidance Lessons
Parent Consultation
Teacher Consultation
Academic and Career Guidance
Parent Conferences
Sixth and Eighth Grade Transition Activities
Hospital/Homebound Services
School Volunteer Information
Student of the Month Program
Sources of Strength Program
Duke Talent Identification Program
Viking Envoy Program (Welcoming New Students to PGM)

Our Mission: 
The mission of the Pine Grove Middle Counseling Program is to ensure a school environment that is supportive and responsive to every student's needs. School counselors will implement a comprehensive developmental school counseling program which aims to ensure the success of every student in their academic, career, and personal/social development. School counselors will provide the necessary resources, programs, collaboration, and guidance to enrich each student's middle school experience and maximize academic achievement. The school counseling program works to actively and cooperatively promote the mission and vision of Pine Grove Middle and Lowndes County School District.

Confidentiality Statement:
As professional school counselors, we respect the rights of confidentiality of personal information disclosed during the course of counseling sessions. Brief summaries of the situation and suggested resolutions may be discussed with others with need or the permission of the student. The counselor will also report to the proper authorities all revelations that involve harm to self or others or that a child is being abused.