My name is Michelle Walden, and I am 

looking forward to starting the

 2017-2018 school year with this new

group of students.  As a teacher, I b

believe I can learn as much from a

 student as a student can learn from a 

teacher, so in saying that...I am 

anticipating that we will grow in 

                                                    knowledge together this year!



Home work will be assigned two to three nights a week, 
with the understanding that studying on a regular basis is
 the students responsibility even if no written homework
 is given. Tests are announced a minimum of a week before
 the test is administered.  Notes that are taken in class
 are the primary study resource for tests...So, take good
 notes and study the notes on a regular basis to stay 

 Contact Information:  

 Michelle Walden
  2379 Copeland Rd
  Valdosta, GA 31601  

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