Welcome to Kindergarten!

Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Goodman
Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Goodman

Welcome to Mrs. Goodman and Ms. Anderson's Kindergarten Class! We are excited to have your child in our class this year! 
We are going to have a fun year learning!

Supply list

Kindergarten Supply List
     2 boxes of 8 Crayola-brand    
         crayons (no fat crayons)
     4  boxes of 24 Crayola-brand  
  24  glue sticks
     1  medium-sized bottle of liquid 
         school glue
    4  dry erase markers (not pencil-
         size, wider ones)
    2  boxes of tissues
     1  pair of student scissors 
         (Fiskar brand)
     1  bottle hand sanitizer
     1  pkg disinfectant wipes
     1  pkg of washable markers (no 
         permanent markers please)
     1  pack of pink rectangular    
     1  plastic pencil box ( about 5 
         inches by 8 inches) 
    2  composition books 
        (black and white marbled cover        
        with paper inside, not spiral)
    1  bottle of hand soap
   3  packs plain wooden pencils 
        (not mechanical or decorative)
    1  pk sandwich size ziplock-style    
    1  full-size Bookbag/Backpack 
       (no rollers please)
    1 small, thin, folding, red/blue    

  • Please bring supplies during Open House or the first day of school.   
  • Please send in a change of clothes with your child to school in a gallon ziploc bag. 

Wish List:
wrapped candy
small toys for treasure chest
card stock- any color