Our year is off to a great start! Everyone has adjusted well. Here are some sites your student can use at home for extra practice on skill we are working on at school.





     3rd grade study guide for parents:

* Monday Folder- This folder comes home every Monday (of course) and will contain your child's graded work from the previous week. All things put in the keep at home side should stay at home. Please check the the Return to School side for any low grades and updates on behavior.Please sign the stapled paper and return these folders on Tuesday.

*Agenda book- This spiral bound calendar will be in your child's binder. Please check the agenda book for all homework assignments and upcoming tests.

* Class DoJo- This is another way for you to keep up with behavior. Students' can earn points based on good behavior and also lose points for bad behavior.

Reading Log- Our goal is to have each student read for 60 minutes a week. Students will log their reading time each night on this paper. It is found in a sheet protector inside the binder.

A.R.- Accelerated Reader- This program is a reading incentive program. Students will read books on their level and take tests on each book. They earn points based on the difficulty of the text. Each 9 weeks the Media Specialist will award the students who reached their personalized goal with a special event!

We can never have enough Kleenex or Hand Sanitizer!


Remind is a quick, safe, and easy way to stay connected to your child's classroom. Sign up for Remind to receive classroom updates and reminders. There are several ways you can join! 

The classroom Instagram site will be completely private and will only be view able by other parents from the current year. This is our way to instantly and easily communicate with you about all the fun things we will be doing in class! To participate, you simply download the free Instagram app, and ‘follow’ our grade Instagram name: @pettigrew3rd