Welcome to Mrs. Evans' Class

Course Description:
Students will trace the history of Georgia in the context of the development of the South and the United States.  The chronological focus of the course includes a geographic overview, earliest inhabitants of Georgia, foundation of Georgia in the eighteenth century through the state’s development in the twentieth century.  Students will also examine the characteristics of state government, public issues and citizen rights and responsibilities. In addition, the students will explore contemporary and historical comparisons of state and national political institutions.
Class Expectations and Rules:
Respect all people and property.
Enter the classroom quietly and begin work.
School rules apply at all times.
Please bring all materials to class.
Eat and drink with permission only.
Complete all assignments.
Talk with permission only.
Grading Policy:
Formative (60%): Class work, Homework, DBQs, Notebooks, Quizzes
Summative (40%): Test/Performance Assessments, Projects, Research Papers