I am enjoying working with your child this school year. I have spent most of my teaching career in fifth grade, and I love 5th graders! 

     On top of all my school work, I have grandsons I love to visit! My son, Justin and my daughter-in-love, Jessi, have 3 boys: Levin, Sawyer, and Ollie. 

     Our daughter, Christy, and her husband, Patrick, gave us a grandson, Colton, to add to our crew of boys. We recently learned they are giving us another grandson in January, 2018!! 

Our family has grown by two since this picture was taken. It is getting harder to get us all in one spot and not moving! I hope to have a new family picture some time soon. 

Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom in 5th grade to complete work, review for tests, play games to practice vocabulary and/or reading skills, and more. Students can work, review, and study at home by using this site. 

Students can get to Classroom by logging into Google with their school account and going to classroom. (Google.com) They do this at school regularly and should be able to do this at home.

Please let me know if you need help!

 I do not give tons of homework. If I make an assignment, students will write it in their agenda. I ask students to finish classwork at home if I feel they have had plenty of time to finish it in class but they didn't. I have asked all my students to set the goal of reading 20 minutes every night. They do not have to keep a log of this for me to see. This is their goal and they can track it anyway they would like. I should be able to see those who are reading consistently by how many AR points they are racking up.

    Please feel free to contact me at PGE (229-245-2297) during my planning which is 1:40 - 2:25. My email is  berthagray@lowndes.k12.ga.us. I cannot get this to be an active, working link, so you will have to type it into your email and send. 

Top left - Colton, top right - Ollie
Bottom left - Sawyer, bottom right - Levin