Counseling Programs

Individual Counseling
School Counselors provide a supportive and confidential environment where their students can discuss personal and social concerns, educational and career goals, and academic difficulties. Some common topics include:
Peer Relationship       Stress                                Time Management                  Goal-setting                
Bullying                     Academic Planning           Family Changes                     Social Skills               Organization              Problem Solving Skills     Career Exploration                 Transition Planning   Understanding & learning of self

Small Group Counseling and Lunch & Learn Sessions
Throughout the year, groups are created based on teacher referrals, family referrals, and student requests. Small group sessions and lunch and learns are more informal, open to all interested students or parents, and occur during each grade’s lunch periods at different points in the year. These are the following topics that are typical in any given school year:

Girls L.I.F.T. Group - Learning I'm Fabulously Terrific (Weekly)
Social skills                                       Grief
Friendships                                        Positive Choices     
Changing families/Divorce               Anger 
Organization                                     Study Skills
Girls on the Track (TBA 2016)        Coping Skills
Parent University
Classroom Guidance and School-Wide Programs
Throughout the year counselors will provide lessons and programs, both within the classroom and to a school-wide audience, that reflect upon the needs of the students and the school. These lessons and programs may include the following topics:

Social Media                                 Substance Abuse Education
Bullying                                        Preparation for High School & Post-Secondary             
Career Exploration                        Learning Styles/Study Skills
Self-Awareness                             Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making Skills
Diversity                                       Choices
Conflict Resolution                       Peer Relationships and effective social skills

Career Development 

As a part of the LMS School Counseling Comprehensive Development Program, career development lessons are provided as a foundation for acquiring the skills that enable students to make a successful transition from middle school to high school, then to post-secondary to the worlds of work. 

These lessons include:
  • Learning about the possible career pathways at local  high school 
  • Strategies to achieve future career success and job satisfaction
  • Understanding the relationship between personal qualities, education and training, and the world of work
  • The development of career goals by all students as a result of career awareness and experiential activities by using GACollege 411 and Career Cruising

As a part of the career lessons, all students will obtain a GACollege411 and Career Cruising account.