7:50-8:00 am AA

8:00-8:55 Connections 1

9:00-9:50 Connections 2

9:55-11:40 Academic 1

Lunch 11:00-11:30

11:40-12:55 Academic 2

12:55-2:10 Academic 3

2:10-3:25 Academic 4



     Welcome to Mrs. Freeman's sixth grade ELA class.  Students will be required to read a total of five AR books per grading period for a summative grade.  Formative assessments over each book's content will also be given(Book Report Questions or quizzes). Students will be taken to the media center every two weeks. (Students may also go individually during AA.)  Chapter books are also available for checkout within the classroom. We will read a class novel set once each grading period that will count towards the student's five book total.  In addition, we will be participating in the Pizza Hut Book It! program as a classroom student incentive. Students who reach their reading zone book goal will receive free personal pan pizzas at the end of the nine weeks.
     Students will keep their daily work in a folder in the classroom.  Readings for the week will generally be read and assigned on Monday. There will be a quiz over the assigned story each Friday.  All "folder" work will be turned in as a packet together after the quiz on Friday as well.  Students will receive a final weekly Table of Contents of assigned work by Thursday of each week. Students who would like to review the assigned story at home may check out a literature book at the end of the school day and return it to Mrs. Freeman before homeroom.