Tournament Flight Schedule

September 9 & 10 @PGM
September 30 & October 1 @HMS
October 21 & 22 @PGM
November 4 & 5 @HMS
December 2 & 3 @PGM
December 9 & 10 @HMS
January 13 & 14 @HMS
February, March, April & May dates TBA

CES Archery Team 2016-2017
Landon Bush 245    
Dylan Hay 239
Trevor Darling 202    
Aaron Carter 179
Omarion Whitlock 170    
Caroline Harris 168
Michael Fletcher 138     
Greyson Carver 136
Destiney Williams 129    
Gage Williams 128
Hunter Wills 127          
Lawson Youmans 127
Emma Harris 123        
Abby Southers 122
Taison Shaw 120 
McKenzie Johns 113
Jahkari Brown 105        
Ramiyah Copeland 104
Dean Hutchins 102        
Riley Brown 101
Stephen Zebron 96        
Dwight Gervin 86
Patience Rowan 80         
Layton Zipperer 78
Landen Zipperer 75

Lacey Montgomery 74
Lillie Howell 71
David Alan Presecott 71
Dewayne Thomas 68
Landen Sirmans 67
Tobey Brown 63

National Archery in Schools Program is a new program at CES where students are allowed to combine Compound Bows & Life Skills! 
NASP provides a SAFE learning environment for students to build archery skills while building life skills such as respect, teamwork, individual goal setting, responsibility and accountability.
Who: Grades 3-5
When: During P.E. & After-School Program (Try-Outs October 6, 2016)
Where: CES Gym, Tournaments located at Hahira Middle, Pine Grove Middle. Transportation must be provided for all students participating.
What do we Use: Official Compound Bows (10-20 lbs. string tension), Easton Aluminum Arrows 
Cost: $30.00 (fees pay for 1st tournament fee, team shirt, arrow & bow repairs throughout the season.)

NASP Written Test Study Material:

Competitive Format (adopted from NASP Tournament set-up)

Team size must be between 16-24 students with at least 5 of the team members being of the opposite gender. Only the top 12 scores the day, including at least 4 of the opposite gender, are summed for the team’s final rank.

A. Whistle Signals: NASP whistle commands will be used to operate the range --- Range officials will use this language to instruct archers.


1. 5+ whistles for an emergency

2. 2 whistles to “get bow”

3. 1 whistle to “shoot”,

4. 3 whistles to “go get arrows”

B. Range Set-Up:

1. Targets will be the standard NASP 80 cm FITA face with 10 scoring rings.

2. Target butts will be placed directly on the floor similar to the height of school butts.

3. The target line will be approximately 2 yards or meters from the target butts.

4. There will be 10 and 15 meter shooting lines.

5. The waiting line will be at least 4 yards or meters beyond the 15 meter shooting line.

6. Spectator seating will be placed as close as possible behind the waiting line.

7. 40, 5 foot wide shooting lanes will be used with 4 archers assigned per lane per flight.

8. Each shooting lane will have 2 "A" and 2 "B" shooters assigned per shooting flight.

C. Order of Shooting:

1. Each archer will shoot one practice end of 5 arrows at 10 meters and then shoot 3 scoring ends of 5 arrows (15 arrows total) at 10 meters.

2. Each archer will shoot one practice end of 5 arrows at 15 meters and then shoot scoring 3 ends of 5 arrows (15 arrows total) at 15 meters.

3. Archers will have 2 minutes to shoot each 5-arrow end. An alert will be provided near the conclusion of each end. For tournament management purposes, no time clock will be in view of the archers.

D. Scoring:

1. All arrows must be scored before any arrow or the target’s face is.

2. Beginning in the center of the target, scoring rings are 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, &1. An arrow touching the line is awarded the higher ring value. An arrow that isn’t in a scoring ring is awarded “O” points. The “X” rings in

the center of the 10 scoring ring is scored only as a part of the 10 ring in this tournament -- (“X” counts are not tabulated).

3. The highest possible individual score is 300 points.

4. An arrow that bounces off the target may be shot again at the direction of range officials.

5. Team scores are the summation of the team’s highest 12 individual scores – with at least 4 of both genders.