Welcome to Dr. Haugabrook's Fourth Grade Class


I am adding new information and resources to the class website daily. If you need to contact me, you may do so at ebonyhaugabrook@lowndes.k12.ga.us. 


Lexile Targets have changed! The state new targets are as follows:
      • 3rd - 670L

      • 4th - 840L

      • 5th - 920L

    Parents, I will work on teaching your child how to be intrinsically motivated. I truly believe intrinsic motivation is key to success. However, extrinsic motivation works too! Please help me keep the kids motivated and engaged during instruction by sending in edible items such as Starburst, Kisses, Granola Bars or whatever your child likes.

    username: lunchnumber@westside
    password: last name

    Username: haugabrook
    Class: Math Class 2017
    Password: You have your own password

    (Students username is lunch number@lowndes
    Password is their last name.)

    (Students username is lunch number @lowndes  Password is your last name)

    Keyboarding Without Tears
    (Students can easily access at school, through Clever. For home use, homeroom teachers will have to send parents an invite. Ask the homeroom teacher to enable home access. ) 

    (Students click the link to take AR tests at school. AR tests can't be taken at home.)

    (Parents, click the link to check how your child is progressing in AR. Username is your child's lunch number,
     and password is your child's last name. If you don't know your child's lunch number, email me to retrieve it.)

    (Use this website to search the books in our school library.)

    Once your child knows his/her lexile level, help him/her find a book.

    (Parents, click on the link to check your child's grades in all of his/her classes. If you don't know your username and password, you must take your license to the Board of Education to retrieve them. To avoid surprises on the report card, please gain access and check your child's grades weekly.) 

    (Parents click on the link to pay for your child's lunch.)