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2017 Solar Eclipse

Discovery Trip to Tybee Island

3rd Grade Discovery Wins Eco-Adventure

The 3rd grade Discovery class won the GPB and Clean Air Campaign video contest. Riley Klein, Rebecca Keown, Hunter Barton, Presley Pittman, Nicole Taylor, Bailey Tyler, and Alyssa Youmans wrote the script, acted out the play, designed the props, and video taped their submission. Here is a direct link to view the video.



Homework will always be listed on each grade level's homework page. It is listed by the day for week. If homework is on going (for example a project), the date it is due will also be listed.

3rd, 4th and 5th graders will also have their assignments on their classroom page in their Google Drive. Students are able to access their Google Drive from any computer with internet. They have their personal login and password and can access their assignments and show you.

Jekyll Island 2017

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books Champions

Here are two of our champions from the Team Challenge of Battle of the Books.
Rebecca and Alyssa volunteered to read 10 books each and have met once a week for 5 months to discuss the books. All their hard work paid off.

Critical Thinking website

The Critical Thinking Child

Is your child experiencing boredom? 
Check out these tools and resources.The Critical Thinking Child

You can have access to 100 free critical thinking puzzles.

Beta Club page

Spelling Bee

Ginsey Lawlor is the 2016-2017 System Spelling Bee Runner-up!

Click on the "Gallery" button at the top of the page to see the pictures from the 2017 Spelling Bee. Congratulations to our winners- Ginsey Lawlor and runner-up Kohlby McBride.

Practice taking the 2016 National test by clicking here http://spellingbee.com/take-test

Use the lists on spellingcity.com that I have created for you. They will help you practice your words.


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