About Coach Wildes

My name is Anthony Scott Wildes and I have been an 8th grade math teacher at Lowndes Middle School for 18 years.
I have been married to Mara Wildes for 19 years and have two wonderful children, Skylar Wildes, a 10th grader at Lowndes High and Anslie Wildes, a 7th grader at Lowndes Middle.   
I also coach 7th and 8th grade football at Lowndes Middle School.  I am the Offensive Line coach.  


As an 8th grade teacher, part of my job is to make sure that your child is prepared for high school.  Knowing this, I try to make your child responsible for his or her own assignments. Therefore, I tell them what their daily assignment is and I write that assignment on the board to remind them.  It is their responsibility to write that assignment down and get it completed by the due date (usually the next day).  
If you would prefer, we can have your student write the assignment in their student agenda and get it signed by me so that you know what is going on in class every day and whether or not they have an assignment that day.  I would make them write "none" if there isn't an assignment that day.  This has been a successful method in the past for students that don't want to complete homework/assignments.  

Contact Information

Email Address:  scottwildes@lowndes.k12.ga.us

Lowndes Middle School:  (229) 245-2280