Course Info/Syllabus

I want to welcome you to “Engineering & Technology”.  This class has been designed to allow you to experience many of the new technologies that affect your daily life.  In the summer of 2013, our school upgraded our lab to a 15 station synergistic lab.  Synergistic Systems is a modular approach to learning that was developed in 1989.  Our lab is complete with digital classroom management and a captivating learner-centered environment. 

 You will notice that our lab area has expensive and complicated equipment.  We are very proud of our lab and we want to keep it looking nice and in good repair.  It is your responsibility to do your part in protecting the equipment and to help in the daily room maintenance.  Remember that you are working with expensive equipment and everyone must be careful.

The LMS Technology lab currently has 15 modules.  Most of the activities that you will complete are self-directed; however, we will be doing a few activities that involve the entire class.  I hope that your experience in this class will be interesting and fun and that they will help you understand the impact of technology on our everyday life.