Professional Beliefs:   Public education should always be at the forefront of education at its best.  As teachers I believe we should stay up-to-date with what is working in the progressive classrooms in areas of content and technology with the underlying objective of preparing our students for their futures. I am a seasoned teacher who is still ¨green and growing.¨  In my 27 years of experience, I have found many techniques and strategies that should be kept as useful resources for my students while others should be replaced with better ways to help our students learn information faster and retain it longer. Each classroom has its own educational environment, and I always want mine to be full of encouragement and positivity.

Background: I was raised in Middle Georgia. Most of my childhood was spent in East Dublin. I attended the Laurens County School System.  My interest in teaching began as a student within the East Laurens Schools where I was educated from first to twelfth grades. There were teachers who stood out to me and I wanted to be like them.

I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education from Valdosta State College in 1979 and received my Master's Degree in the same area in 1987.  In 2013 I received my Specialist Degree in Brain Research and Teacher Leadership.  Understanding more about how the brain works  has been a tremendous help in teaching my students.

Personal Information: I have been married to Charles "Butch" Traylor for 38 years. He has worked for UPS for 38 years also.  We came to Valdosta to attend VSC and decided to stay here permanently.  We have two daughters:  Julie and Carlie.  Both our daughters have made us proud; they both have attained high educational degrees and have settled into their careers.  Julie is an epidemiologist with the Tennessee Dept. of Health in the area of Women and Children.  Carlie is a pharmacist and Clinical Director with Chancy Drugs which is locally owned.  

Contact Information

Please e-mail to
or call 
(229) 245-2280.

After School Tutoring is available on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:00.  All that is needed is a signed permission note from the parent or guardian the day before stating the student may stay with Mrs. Traylor after school on (? date) and that someone will pick the child up at 4:00 in the front parking lot.


We are working on:
  1. Finding the Main Idea
  2. Finding the Facts
  3. Making Inferences
  4. Using Words Precisely
  5. Author's Approach
  6. Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  7. Critical Thinking
  8. Personal Response and Self Assessment

Title 1 Reading