What is ESOL? ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. When students enroll in Lowndes County Schools, parents complete a Home Language Survey. Students that have any language other than English listed on their survey are screened using a language assessment known as W-APT. Students that qualify for language services will receive language support and instruction from the ESOL teacher daily. All active ESOL students take an annual assessment known as ACCESS. This test is given each February and measures each student's language proficiency. It is the yearly test that ermines whether a students remains in the ESOL program or is able to exit the program. 
Levels of English Proficiency

Level 1 (Entering) - Students at this level do not understand or speak English with the exception of a few isolated words or expressions.
Level 2 (Beginning) - Students at this level understand and speak English with hesitancy and difficulty. They understand parts of lessons and simple directions and are at a pre-emergent or emergent level of reading and writing. 
Level 3 (Developing) - Students at this level understand and speak English with decreasing hesitancy and difficulty. They are developing reading comprehension and writing skills in English. Their English literacy skills allow them to demonstrate academic knowledge in content areas with assistance. 
Level 4 (Expanding) - Students at this level understand and speak conversation English without apparent difficulty, but understands and speaks some academic language with hesitancy. They continue to acquire reading and writing skills in content areas to achieve grade level expectations with assistance. 
Level 5 (Bridging) -  Students at this level understand and speak conversational and academic English well. They are near proficient in reading, writing, and content area skills needed to meet grade level proficiency. These students require occasional support. 
Level 6 (Reaching) - Students at this level are fully English proficient. They read, write, speak, and comprehend English within academic settings. 
What We Do During ESOL Class
Websites for English Learners