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Kindergarten - We are going to study all the basic elements of art.  We'll start with learning about different types of lines and how to use them to make artwork.  Then, we'll learn about colors, shapes, and forms.  Our lessons this nine weeks will focus on types of lines, how artists use them to make shapes, and how they turn those shapes into pictures. 

1st Grade - First grade students are reviewing the elements of art.  We are going to create watercolor resist paintings, collages, drawings, and paintings using lines, shapes, and colors.  This nine weeks, we are reviewing line vocabulary and practicing using shapes to draw.  Several of our projects will be based on animals.

2nd Grade - Second grade students are reviewing line and shape and then learning about the principals of design.  Artists use the principals of design as a set of rules for creating good artwork.  We will talk about pattern, symmetry, and emphasis as we paint watercolor resists and practice weaving.

3rd Grade - Third grade artists are traveling through time.  We'll start our journey by studying the world's first artists during the Prehistoric age.  Then we will learn about Ancient Egypt and create patterned pharaoh collars, make perfectly symmetrical mummies, and even learn to write in hieroglyphics.

4th Grade - In fourth grade, we are learning about art from different countries and cultures of the world.  This nine weeks, we will learn about direct observation when we study Baroque still life painters.  We will also create Japanese scrolls by using at least four ways to show space and depth in artwork.  Then we will learn about the tin animals of Mexico and make our own.

5th Grade - Fifth grade students are learning and using a variety of skills.  We will use green screen technology to become superheroes, create a mixed media clay and weaving project, and study the 3D glass sculptures of Chihuly.  We will also learn about the artwork of people who have disabilities.