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Feel out of sorts and body reflects it

posted May 13, 2010, 12:01 PM by Low Kian Seong
Feeling out of sorts and sorta angry at everything. When I do the physical thing, bang stuff around and let it rise up to anger it feels better. Feels relief. That means it's moving up the emotional ladder. Funny though why would I be stuck at this stage for so long. Feel a bit off about how business is handled and how it's growing. I see the potential of it shooting up sky high and moments I spent with the youngerns spark a nice feeling in me. A feeling of confidence that this is the way to go that this might work but things change when I look at renumeration or providing a stable base. I won't even talk about that, but that puts me in a mood of blame most of the time.

Body is direct reflection of that. It can perform but it feels stuck and fragile as though too much work or speed will break it down. I want to know how to create dependability in my life. Stability. Focusing on stability? I want to feel stability and stroke it into a flame so that it would attract that in my life. I am getting good at analyzing and know exactly how I feel at a certain time. Sounds like the easiest thing in the world. Knowing yourself how you feel, but it is the most challenging aspect of ABE's teaching to me. I feel that in the past I was up there in contentment a few times when I really turned on the appreciation and list works superbly well with me. Now, I realize that I have moved on beyond that. I recognize where I am and I am going to bring myself up from where I am.