Welcome to Mrs. Peoples' Sixth Grade!!
"The expert at anything was once a beginner." (Anon.)


7:50-8:00   Morning Routine
8:00-8:45   Social Studies/Science
9:10   Health/PE
9:30- 11:00  Reading/Language Arts
11:10  Lunch
11:40-12:20 Special
12:20-1:00 Math
1:00-1:20 Math review
1:20-1:40 Word Work
 1:45         Dismissal Routine



    Students should use planner for recording specifics about all homework assignments.
Reading Log: (M,T, W, Th, ) Independent reading for a minimum of 30 minutes.Record times and summary/response. Parent signature.
Thursday folders are signed and returned on Fridays.

What is the average number of Oreos a group of sixth graders can use to create the highest stack possible ?

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my goal is to:

  •  promote positive learning;
  •  spark enthusiasm for learning;
  •  provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning