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Helping your child with Homework without doing it for them.
Homework is one of the most powerful tools that can be used to ensure your child's success in school.  As you know, the purpose of homework is to reinforce and extend what teachers have taught in the classroom.  Research indicates that students who consistently do their homework everyday  a. improve academic achievement and b. grow to be independent, responsible, motivated adults.
You as the parent can help in the following ways:
*Provide a study space where your child can work quietly with good lighting, room for materials and freedom from distractions.
*Consider with your child the amount of homework to be done and plan a "time study schedule".
*Be sure assignments are clearly written in your child's planner.
*Offer positive reinforcement and encouragement.  Emphasize the value of homework in helping your child practice skills and acquire new information.
*Remember, homework is for your child.  Make sure your child really needs help before offering it.
*Check homework to see that it is correct, neat and DONE.



Hannah Nelson

   (609) 884-9410 ext. 2004

Maud Abrams Counselor News

Maud Abrams is committed to establishing a peaceful and caring environment in which our children can feel safe and learn.  We promote the practice of appropriate behavior and showing responsibility in making choices and decisions about behavior.

December:  Compassion

As we continue our ongoing efforts to encourage good character traits and a positive school climate, Maud Abrams will look for students who show caring about the feelings and well-being of others, with the desire to help them.

You can support your child's learning by noticing when your child shows compassionate  behavior. These actions can come in the form of being friendly and including classmates who are often left out, helping someone in an embarrassing situation (not laughing), sharing without being asked, listening to friends when they are upset, offering to help classmates and siblings, always treating others as well as you would like to be treated.

Meg Desmond
609.884.9420 ext. 3004

Welcome Back!

Challenge yourself and your child to recite the Kindness Pledge everyday!

Kindness Pledge
I pledge to myself,
On this very day,
To try to be kind,
In every way.

To every person, 
Big or Small,
I will help them,
If they fall.

When I love myself,
And others too.
That is the best,
That I can do.

Lower Township Elementary Schools are dedicated to creating the most safe and secure learning environment.  We do our utmost to provide a warm, welcoming, and friendly climate for all students to have a successful academic, social, and emotional experience.  If you ever have any concerns for your child's   well-being please do not hesitate to contact your child's Guidance Counselor.

A few informative websites regarding bullying prevention are:

Mitnick Counselor News
Bucket Filling Program

Our school is continuing the "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"  program, which promotes positive feelings and attitudes towards ourselves and others.  Hopefully you've heard your child talk about being a bucket filler! is an excellent resource to learn more information about our program.  

In trying to promote good behavior and bucket filling we have implemented a few new incentives.  We have whole class and individual ATTENDANCE incentives.  The first and second grade class with the best attendance each marking period will win a pizza party.  Any student who misses two or less days per marking period have a chance to win a Kindle Fire.  Students also have a chance to be chosen as a BUS BUDDY if they are displaying positive bus behavior.  Another incentive is our BUCKET FILLER OF THE MONTH program.  Students earn a certificate, breakfast with Mrs. Boyle, and a bucket filling bracelet.

 Individuals can also be recognized on a daily basis for bucketfilling behavior. Students can earn an "Ask me how I made someone smile badge".  Be on the look out for your child to bring one home!

Sherri Boyle         
(609) 884-9470 ext. 5004

A Few Words from the Memorial School Counselor

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  I look forward to meeting all of the new students at Memorial School, as well as seeing all those       Pre-schoolers who will join us again this year in the Kindergarten classes.  I hope that your summer has been a good one, with opportunities for family time and relaxation.

As the year begins, we can all make efforts once again to establish a sensible routine for sleeping, sharing meals together, and having time to play and enjoy each other.  A balance of responsibility and fun can be a challenge for everyone, but it maintains our health and happiness.

Let's make it a great year!  Be sure to contact me at any time through the year if you are in need of additional resources or support. 


Julia Sangillo, School Counselor

(609) 884-9430 ext. 4004