At Lowcountry Leadership Charter School,  our focus is developing leaders through project-based experiences.  Based on the school-wide curriculum goals that reflect the mission statement, a uniquely designed innovative curriculum framework provides the structure upon which meaningful and engaging lessons and activities are based for every grade. This framework is balanced with quarterly focuses and supporting Project Based Learning (PBL) activities, all aligned with the SC Academic Standards. Quarterly focuses include Lowcountry Regional Awareness, Environmental Issues and Stewardship, the Arts, and Debate/Collaborate/Negotiate, each of which is taught through three PBL projects reflecting a specific theme. 

LLCS serves students eligible to attend SC Public Schools for grades K5 - 12th.   Space limitation is the only barrier to entry.  There are no tests or entrance exams to apply.  Click here to learn how to apply to LLCS.

For the 2015-2016 school year, LLCS is a Title I school.  For more information, click here.