The mission of Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is to provide a safe, exceptional academic environment that cultivates independent learning, character enrichment and regional awareness while developing accountable leaders, community stewards, and diverse thinkers through project-based experiences.


The vision of Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is to develop an intrinsic desire and purpose within our students, that will nurture confidence for authentic leadership opportunities to investigate, collaborate, and resolve issues of inquiry, involving all academic disciplines and extracurricular and athletic activities, within an atmosphere of encouragement steeped in high expectations and natural rewards, thereby yielding healthy, well-rounded, moral, accountable, and compassionate advocates of human rights, national resources, independent means, and civic responsibility.

Our commitment to accomplish this vision is based on the following beliefs:
    • Like-Minded Goals
    • Academic Excellence
    • Moral Excellence
    • Project Based Instruction
    • Teachers as Facilitators
    • Students as Mentors
    • Community and business support and involvement


The focus of Lowcountry Leadership Charter is developing leaders through project-based experiences.

For the 2015-2016 school year, LLCS is a Title I school.  For more information, click here.