The questions and answers below are specific to LLCS and may not apply to other SC charter schools.  For general SC charter school FAQ's please refer to the Charter Schools 101 page.


Q: Is LLCS part of the Charleston County School District?
A: No. LLCS is part of the SC Public Charter School District (SCPCSD), which means that students from any county in the state of SC may apply to attend LLCS.  LLCS is not affiliated with any local county school district.

Q: What grade levels does LLCS offer?
A: K5 - 12th grade

Q: How long has LLCS been open?
A: LLCS was founded on June 25, 2012.  It's first school year was the 2013-2014 school year.


Q: Does LLCS offer sports?
A: LLCS participates in interscholastic sports and sponsored programs.  

Q: Does LLCS offer a before/after school program?
A: Yes.  Navigation Station is the before/after school care program and is fee based.

Q: Does LLCS offer organized after school activities?
A: Yes.  LLCS provides several opportunities for students to participate in organized after school activities. Some are hosted by parents/teachers at LLCS and others are contracted services provided on campus.  Some are fee based and other are no cost.  Most are seasonal however, some run year long.  Information is sent home prior to the start of each program providing opportunities for students to sign up.

Q: Does LLCS offer tutoring?
A: Yes.  Tutoring  is scheduled during the school day and after school. The schedule is based on teacher availability and is offered for students in grades 7 - 12.  Study hall is also offered after school on specific days. 

Q: Does LLCS offer summer camps?

A: Yes.  LLCS offered summer camps.


Q: Does LLCS participate in fundraisers?
A: Yes. As a SCPCSD brick and mortar charter school (meaning LLCS has an actual facility where students attend class instead of an online or virtual campus), less funds per pupil (student) are received than any other district in the state. LLCS is funded at 64% whereas schools in other counties are funded at 100%. Fundraisers help bridge the gap.

Q: Who "hosts" fundraisers?
A: Support groups such as the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and Athletic Booster Club (ABC) "host" several events during the school year. Additionally, LLCS implements a school development plan each year to raise funds, the cornerstone of which is the Building Fund.


Q: Is there transportation provided to and from school?
A:  Not at this time. There is zero funding for transportation for charter schools.


Q: What are begin and end times for school each day?
A: Drop off begins at 7:30 am. School begins promptly at 8:00am and dismissal begins at 3:15pm.

Q: Does LLCS follow the Charleston County School Calendar?
A: LLCS closely follows the Charleston County School Calendar but there are some differences.

Q: How are make-up days worked into the calendar and when are parents notified if there will be a closing?
A: Five (5) make-up days are scheduled into the calendar prior to standardized testing in order to ensure students are properly prepared for testing regardless of days missed due to unforeseen circumstances. Make-up days are listed at the bottom of the school year calendar (printable pdf).  LLCS will makes every effort to email families when closures take place and an alert is placed on the home page of the school's website. Decisions to close school can be made up until 5:00am. Remember: LLCS is a state school which means students and staff from all counties travel each school day and all students and staff will be taken in to consideration when decisions to close and/or delay school are made.


Q: What meals are served during the school day?
A: Breakfast and lunch are served every school day.

Q: Does LLCS participate in a Free/Reduced Meals Program?
A: Yes. These forms are available in the front office or from Chef Lemons.

Q: How much does breakfast and lunch cost?
A: Please visit the Gator Cafe here to learn about meal costs and payment.