Illinois History

Illinois History Term Paper Ideas and Sources
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Illinois History timeline:
Illinois dates and events - Champaign Public Library site
historical events in Illinois:

Native American cultures - Archeology digs in Illinois
Chicago Fire
Illinois politics
Illinois governors
Abraham Lincoln
Coal mining and disasters
Flu and cholera ( also typhoid and small pox)  epidemics in Illinois or other health topics
weather phenomenon - cyclones/ tornados/ the Sudden Freeze
county/community histories  (such as Moultrie County and Lovington)
Moultrie County schools - for example the one room schools

Famous residents of Illinois
Southern Illinois - crime and gangs
Universities /history
National cemetaries
War / military / veterans
Donner Party  ( see this account from one of the daughters: )
Hay Market Riot
Transportation - railroads
Nauvoo -
Illinois State Fair / DuQuoin state fair
Illinois state capitals
Illinois state parks
Illinois geology
Illinois industries
Illinois "oddities" or roadside attractions
Illinois museums
Illinois authors
Famous Illinoisans