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Essential History Skills

The Seven Essential Skills for Freshmen History Courses

-Note taking skills

-Map reading and map location skills

-Historical Analysis skills

All students should establish a mastery of historical fact, but moving beyond that, students should be able to link that fact to a greater significance, historical connection, historical causation, or short and long term consequences between and amongst time periods.  While historical identifications are a good way to teach this skill at its fundamental level, there are many different ways to accomplish the acquisition of this skill.

-Historical research skills

Students should be able to evaluate the quality of a source, particularly an online source, as well as a large variety of media sources, and know how to properly attribute those sources.

-Historical writing skills

Students need to understand that there are various types of research-based historical writings such as opposing viewpoints, persuasive essays, and writings or divergent viewpoints.  Regardless of the type of historical writing, students understand and know how to write a thesis statement, as appropriate to the type of writing, integrate evidence to prove the thesis, utilizing standard formal written English;

-Public speaking skills

As a continuation of a History Department initiative

-Create Citizens of the 21st Century

Teachers should challenge students to broaden their thinking to include a more global cultural perspective; understanding the world as it evolved from the post-Cold War world to “hemisphereization” to our present state of globalization.  Although there are many effective ways in which to do this, student exposure to current events is particularly valuable in pursuit of this goal.