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Club Officers

Meredith Bond
Emma Pollard
Future Presidents:
Michael Moore
Chris Ocana
Elizabeth Champion
Emily Johnson
Elise Koepke
Josh Eiland
Muhammad Dhanani
Will Abdallah
James Packman
Lauren Rausaw

Faculty Sponsors

Ms. Switzer 

Ms. Penland

Every Tuesday during lunch, we will meet in room 224 of the Upper School! Feel free to bring your lunch! We will discuss different topics related to the environment. We will mainly focus on Lovett's impact on the environment and how we can improve our way of living sustainably! 

2015-2016 Major Projects: 
• Earth Week and Renewable Energy
• Bees/Bats
• Athletic Carbon Offset
• Medicine Bottle Collection
• Recycling/Terracycling
• Aquaponics
• Living Wall