Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab course is a hands-on study of technology integration in an educational context which is currently available at Loveland High School. 

As a member of the Innovation Lab, students will be required to troubleshoot and assess problems on a daily basis, while researching, troubleshooting and defining the best approach to addressing or solving the problem. In addition to solving problems for students and teachers, students will be required to complete and maintain several running projects that address problems or solutions in educational technology integration. Other components of the course include:
  • Creating and maintaining a digital portfolio that will chronicle the student experience as an Innovation Lab member.
  • Constructing a personal passion project where students will identify a challenging idea or topic to explore and pursue as an Innovation Lab member. 
  • Communicate and collaborate with other Innovation Lab members, as well as sharing their experience through other digital and face-to-face means of communication.
  • Contribute their knowledge and skill set to the Loveland School and community through the Innovation Lab Academy training resource. 
This course seeks students who are self-motivated learners and use inquiry to drive their exploration and experiment in order to reach greater discovery. It is a course where failing is an option on occasion. 

How to join the Innovation Lab:
  1. Learn more about the Innovation Lab and student responsibilities and expectations:
  2. Fill out the application (in the next section) to tell us a little more about yourself and why you feel you would make a valuable addition to our team.
  3. Meet with a team of teachers to discuss your passions, strengths, and commitment to serving your school in this role.
  4. If selected to be a member of the Innovation Lab, you will be notified this spring. Limited spaces are available!

Do you want to be a member of the Loveland City Schools Innovation Lab? 

Please let us know of your interest by using the links below. Please note that there are limited spots available for the Innovation Lab and all students who apply will also undergo an interview process to determine admittance into the program.

LHS Application Deadline: March 1st