the monica mapile foundation.

The Monica Mapile Foundation (TMMF) was established on October 10, 2010, a few months after 18 year-old Monica, who was not wearing her seat belt, passed away at the scene of a car accident on March 4, 2010.


The foundation's mission is to raise awareness on the importance of seat belt safety in order to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by automobile collisions.  Our goal is to reach out to teens, as well as adults, children, and families and to partner with other organizations whose mission is to promote safe driving, especially those targeted to teens.  We believe that when LOVEd ones encourage each other to be safe by CLICKing together, more LIVEs are enjoyed instead of memorialized.


The foundation's vision is to share Monica Mapile's story, provide statistics related to the injuries and fatalities of unrestrained occupants in automobile collisions, and promote overall seat belt and driving safety. We 
speak to drivers education classes at high schools throughout the Las Vegas valley, attend community events, and raise awareness through our love. click. live. campaign.



monica mapile.

Monica Kirsten Ruiz Mapile was born on November 19, 1991 to her parents Tony Mapile and Rowena "Wen" Ruiz, and is also the older sister to her brother Austin Jordan Ruiz Mapile. Monica was originally born in Los Angeles, California and was later raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  At a young age, Monica already obtained qualities that shaped her into an amazing young adult.  Qualities such as a strong will, a loving heart, and an always-cheerful disposition, were only a few of the many things that made Monica a truly special individual.  Understanding that knowledge is power, Monica was a bright student whose schooling began at St. Francis de Sales, followed by her high school education at the College of Southern Nevada High School in 2009, then the following year she stayed at CSN to finish her associates degree with the goal to later transfer to UNLV.  While Monica was a scholar who excelled in her schoolwork, she also excelled at being a true friend to all those that had the opportunity to befriend her.  To exemplify her strong character, Monica made it essential to always be there for all of her friends, family, and loved ones no matter the circumstances.  As a successful friend, and scholar its to no avail that Monica strived to become successful in the bright future she had ahead of her.


Monica absolutely loved fashion, and often spent most of her time hanging out with her friends, shopping, listening to music, relaxing with her pet Yorkie, "Biggie Smalls Mapile," going out on the weekends, or spending time with her family.  To Monica, her family was one of the most important aspects of her life.  From California, to Las Vegas, Monicas family supported her just as she supported and cared for them.  Despite how much Monica was loved, no one ever fathomed that on March 4, 2010, Monica would no longer grace this world.  On that heart-wrenching day, at the intersection of Blue Diamond Road, Route 160 and South Fort Apache in Las Vegas, Monica passed away.  While driving home after spending the afternoon with her cousins, Monica attempted to make a left-hand turn into an intersection where "crossing traffic does not stop". As a vehicle was traveling westbound, the two cars collided and Monica was pronounced dead on impact at the young age of 18.  To further add to the horrific news, her family had learned that Monica was not wearing her seat belt.  Despite all the love in the world Monica had, it couldnt save her like the strength, support, safety, and reliability of a seat belt.  For this very reason, her friends and family dont just click for themselves, but they click for Monica.  Losing Monica was a tragedy that no one should ever endure thus, with all the motivation, will, and perseverance that Monica possessed, her loved ones have created The Monica Mapile Foundation in her honor.  The foundations main purpose is to ensure that everyone finds it in their power to click on a seat belt the moment they step foot in a vehicle.  Monica accomplished her goal of making her loved ones proud, now its their turn to make her proud.


- Written by Alexis Mapile (Monica's Cousin)


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