About the Teacher


Amy Genz
Agricultural Science
FFA Co-Advisor
NHS Sponsor
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979-648-2982 ex:140

For those new to our district, Welcome.  This is the beginning of my 7th year at LISD.  My first 3 years I taught Pre-Algebra in the Junior High School and then moved to the High School as the Agricultural Science teacher and serve as one of two FFA Advisors.

I chose to enter the educational field after an eight year career working for the State of Texas as an Animal Health Inspector in the panhandle area.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Tarleton State University, completing my graduation requirements at Texas A & M University.  I am a graduate of Terry High School in Rosenberg, but spent most of my primary education overseas in multiple countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  

I have an "Open Door" policy for all of my students and parents and always welcome any supporters for our school or individual programs.  

The following are the classroom standards that I expect from all students at all times.

1.    Do not miss out on any learning by being late to class. Be in your seat by the tardy bell.

2.    All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to learning. Please do not talk or interrupt the lesson, 

       as you will be preventing others from learning

3.    Do not create extra work for others by not cleaning up after yourself.

4.    It is each student’s individual responsibility to make up missed work due to absences.

5.    All cell phones or any other electronic devices will be placed in provided holder or kept out of sight. 

6.    All students are expected to follow the school and district policies.