Louise High School Band

Parent & Student Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about the band classes at Louise High School?
All high school band students participate in marching band in the fall semester, and students begin receiving their physical education (PE) credit. After marching season, begins concert season. Freshmen (09), and sophomores (10) receive 1/2 credit of PE and 1/2 credit of fine arts for participation in band. Juniors (11) and seniors (12) receive 1 full credit of fine arts for participation in band.

Can I get all the classes I need and still be in band?    
Yes! The Louise High School schedule will allow you to take all of the classes needed to graduate and still participate in band all four years. The credits earned in band all count towards the graduation requirement. PLEASE NOTE: You can be in band for four years in high school (including 9th grade) and get everything you need to graduate!

How much does it cost for my child to be in band?
The cost to participate in the Louise Band is minimal! Student will only need to pay for their band shirt (approximately $15), marching band shoes ($40), gloves ($2.50) and an annual SmartMusic subscription ($33).

How much time does band take?     
As with any activity, there is some extra time required for rehearsals and performances. However, it is not nearly the time commitment some people make it out to be. In fact, if you compare it to other band programs or other types of school activities, you will be surprised at how little extra time is actually required. Marching season generally runs 13-14 weeks out of the 36-week school year. A few extra rehearsals are called during concert season. Band does require some extra commitment, but as with anything worthwhile, the more you invest, the more you get out of the program. Remember that anything done well takes an investment of time.

The band directors and school administration provide every opportunity possible for a student who wishes to participate in band to do so regardless of their family’s financial situation. If a student needs an instrument, generally Louise will furnish an instrument for the student to use while in the Louise High School Band.