Mrs. Keri Jones
Louise High School
Science Department
Room 306

Science is an adventure in life. I want students to share in this adventure, to enjoy the experience, to gain skills in the laboratory, to recognize science as a human activity, to recognize the relevance to society and to one’s own personal intellectual framework, to gain knowledge, to think critically, to develop a desire to learn as much about the world and its inhabitants as possible, and to grow as thinking, aware, concerned human beings.

Daily Schedule:

1st   period        Physiology & Anatomy
2nd period        Pre-AP Biology
3rd  period        Chemistry
4th  period        Biology
5th  period        Conference
6th period         Pre-AP Chemistry
7th period          AP Biology
8th period          Biology 

Class Expectations:

* Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings with all necessary supplies
* Follow directions the first time they are given
* No cursing or teasing
* No distractions
    -Food or drink
    - Cell Phones or other electronics
    - Grooming
* Keep Hands, feet and objects to yourself
* Follow all lab safety rules (see safety contract)

Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Safety Contract: