Spanish 3

Foreign language classes throughout the United States are taught for primarily
five reasons: 1) communication, 2) economic advantages, 3) to teach an 
appreciation of American culture, 4) intellectual growth, and 5) grammatical 
mastery of the first language.

In Texas, Spanish is by far the most popular foreign language being taught, but it 
is not the only foreign language.  The goal is to teach the language by speaking, 
reading, writing, and listening skills in 5 areas as outlined by the State’s TEKS.  

Spanish 3- This is the intermediate level of Spanish where students are expected
to be able to express themselves on a fundamental level on any given topic.  This 
course will emphasize culture, connections, and communities as they relate to the 
student, our state, and our town.

1st six-weeks- We will do a six-week long genealogy project researching 6 
generations of the student’s parents.  This project will underscore the cultural and 
challenges that the student’s family endured in order to achieve what it has.

2nd six-weeks- We will explore the roots of culture as well as those of hate by 
investigating the causes and outcomes of the phenomenon genocide and 
holocaust, specifically the Holocaust of World War II.  We will celebrate Hispanic 
Heritage month by introducing the student’s own culture to the class.  And 
discuss the cultural differences with regards to death as we prepare for All Souls 
Day and All Saints Day.

3rd six-weeks- We will create Christmas cards incorporating the 8 principles of art 
design mastered during the Renaissance; we will discuss the cultural differences 
of Christmas as well as cultural customs and traditions and their origins.  We will 
view the Spanish master painters and architects of the Baroque, Rococo, 
surrealistic, and modern contemporary styles.

4th six-weeks- We will construct a “God’s Eye” and discuss the lesson behind the 
tradition.  The students will be introduced to modern Latin Americans of notoriety 
within American History.

5th six-weeks- The entire six weeks will be spent on Hispanic literature from 
around the world with class discussions leading to critical thinking as it relates to 
the student’s own experiences.

6th six-weeks- This will be a study in poetry with emphasis on the hardships 
created by war on ordinary people and how it has affected both our country and 
our state.