Welcome to Mr. Cardenas' Class.

Daily Schedule:

 1st Period Spanish 2
 2nd Period

 3rd Period

 Spanish 3
 4th Period       


 5th Period

 Spanish 1
 6th Period

 Spanish 1
 7th Period      

 Spanish 1
 8th Period

 Spanish 2


(Mr. Cárdenas)

1. Obey all school rules (see student/parent handbook).

2. Be at your desk and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.

3. Be ready to participate as soon as the bell rings.

4. Participate all period, every day.

5. Do your best every day.

6. Complete all your work.

7. Bring book, paper, pen and/or pencil every day.

8. Bring homework assignments to class every day.

9. Be respectful to others.

10. Respect school property.

11. Listen and pay attention.

12. Avoid excessive talking as it disturbs others, and you are not on task.

13. Take care of personal conversations outside of class time.

14. Do not interrupt the speaker, whoever it may be.

15. No personal grooming in class.

16. No disruptive behavior (drawing attention to oneself, or turning around).

17. No abusive language.

19. I do not want to see or hear gum.

20. Stay in your seat at all times; do not more your seat from its place.

21. Contribute positively.

23. Absolutely no phones, I-pods, or other electronic devices allowed during class.

24. No food or drinks in the classroom.

Class Policy and Procedures


Grades:  all grades will be derived from participation, assignments, homework, tests, and/or notebooks.  Daily grades 40% of the six-week grade and tests represent 60% of the six-week grade.

Homework:  all homework is to be turned in on time; late work will be taken for a maximum grade of a 50; failure to turn in an assignment will result in a 0.  Homework must be neat in appearance and reflect the work of the student turning in the work.

Tests:  All tests will be comprehensive in nature; all students will be required to do test corrections for a final test grade.  Students who pass a test will do corrections for 5 bonus points or will lose 5 points for failing to do so.  Students who fail a test do corrections for a 70 final test grade.  Students who fail a test and fail to do corrections receive that grade as a daily grade and their final test grade.  In any event, every test will result in two grades: the original test grade is a daily grade and a final test grade with corrections.

Notebook:  All students will keep a notebook in a three ring binder; all papers are to be in order according to dates, and divided into two sections titled 1) notes and 2) graded work.  The first two pages of the notebook will consist of the title page and the rules page.  No papers are to be thrown away unless told to do so.  The notebook is to be a cumulative one in order of first to sixth six-weeks.

Text:  Students are to bring texts to class every day and properly covered and maintained.

Videos:  All videos watched in class have an instructional purpose and are not to be regarded as entertainment.  A classroom environment will be maintained at all times.

Oral Dictations:  Oral dictations will be given from time to time to gauge the listening skills of the student.  All dictations will be given in authentic Spanish and each word repeated 3 times.  There are to be absolutely no interruptions during the dictation; all misspelled words will result in minus points.

Reading:  Correct pronunciation of Spanish phonetics is very important since all mispronounced words will result in minus points.

Missed work due to absences:  Students are to obtain their missed homework after school or at the end of class if time permits.  The student has three days from the day he/she returns to class to complete or make-up the assignment.

Culture:  Culture and language are inseparable since both are influenced by each other.  Spanish is no exception, so the course will underscore not only Spanish/Latin culture, but that of the student as well, since an appreciation of culture must include that of the student also.  Spanish culture will be taught through an introduction to its History, geography, literature, and social attributes, especially those influencing the United States.

Fiestas:  Fiestas are a privilege and are given to underscore the importance of an event in the Hispanic world and/or to introduce the student the culture and food items of Hispanics.  Fiestas are also used as rewards to deserving classes, but in any case the event is relevant to the course.