Coach Christopher Chromcak

PreK - 4th grade PE & Health and High School Girls Athletic Coach

Contact: 979-648-2202 or cchromcak@louiseisd.net

The aim of physical education is to enable all students with the opportunity to enhance their physical well being through active participation. Teaching is an opportunity that allows students to develop lifetime skills and a strong knowledge background in several content areas of physical education.  Through a positive and safe learning environment, both physically and mentally, students will have the opportunity to learn and grow physically, socially, and cognitively.  It is a goal of mine that students in my class are provided with a wide array of developmentally appropriate games and activities. As a physical education teacher I feel that incorporating a variety of activities and games and allowing opportunities for my students to have some freedom in choosing activities, I will broaden their exposure and knowledge and encourage them to develop a life long love for physical activity. It is my goal that students will become self motivated and challenged by new ideas and activities.


8:00-8:50       JH Athletics
8:55-9:40       PreK/Kinder PE
9:45-10:30     2nd Grade
10:35-11:20   3rd Grade
11:25-12:10   Conference
12:10-12:45   Lunch
1:03-1:53       1st Grade PE
2:00-2:45       4th Grade PE
2:51-3:41       HS Athletics

Class Rules:

-Wear the proper footwear properly tied
-Wear the proper clothing/attire/equipment
-Keep hair out of your face or eyes
-Always participate with effort and seriousness in all activities.
-Demonstrate a commitment to the process, lesson or activity.
-Demonstrate proper movement skills and concepts
-Adhere to the rules or instructions of the lesson or activity
-Display honesty during the lesson or activity.
-Allow equal opportunity for others to participate.
-Lookout for the safety of others.
-Avoid careless risks.
-Show an awareness of your body and those around you.
-Listen when it is time to listen (to the teacher or classmates).
-Cooperate with the teacher and classmates.  Display good sportsmanship.
-Show the value of others, the equipment, the property and the environment.

General Year Outline:

  • Chasing, Fleeing, & Dodging (3 weeks)

  • Dribbling (3 weeks)

  • Kicking & Punting (4 weeks)

  • Throwing & Catching (4 weeks)

  • Body & Spatial Awareness (2 weeks)

  • Striking & Racquet (4 weeks)

  • Balance & Weight Transferring (2 weeks)

  • Cooperative Learning Activities (4 weeks)

  • Jumping & Landing (1 week)

  • Traveling & Loco motor Sills (2 weeks)

  • Fitness (4 weeks)

  • Miscellaneous Skills (3 weeks)