Willow Clark

"Every child is an artist." - Picasso

Contact Info:

Email: willowclark@lorenaisd.net
Phone: 254-857-4621
Remind: lms20

Twitter: #LMSartclass

Daily Schedule:
1st Period - Conference
2nd Period - Art 2
3rd Period - Art 1
4th Period - Art 1
5th Period - Art 1
6th Period - Art 2
7th Period - Split - Art 1 & Art 2

About Mrs.Clark:

Full Name: Willow Clark
I Teach: Art (7th and 8th Grade)
Years of Experience: 10
Fun Facts: I'm named after a tree, I like popcorn in my tomato soup and my favorite song is Walking on Sunshine.


Art Supplies: 1 plastic folder, 1 9x12 sketchbook and a 2 pack of FINE TIP sharpies.

Art Fee: $5 per student

Class Syllabus 
  • Art 1:

    This is a foundations course. Over the span of the school year you will experience a wide range of art media and techniques, and explore the relationship between visual art and your life.  As a beginner’s class, your mastery of skills is not as important as your participation.  If you put forth your best effort into every assignment, your artistic ability will improve regardless of what your level is now. Get ready to fall in love with ART!

    Art 2:

    This course builds upon previous knowledge from Art 1. Once the basics have been covered, it’s time to use that powerful Art knowledge and experience to develop your own voice as a unique artist. In class we’ll continue to reinforce the importance and relevance of the Elements and Principles of Design as we forge into uncharted territory. Art 2 is an exciting journey! Welcome aboard!

    Beginning of School Art Supplies:

    ü 1 Plastic Pocket folder

    ü 1 ( 9 x 12 inch Sketchbook )

    ü 2 pack – Black Sharpies (Fine Point)

    Optional Items:

    -          Sandwich Size Zip Lock Baggies

    -          Kleenex Box

    (If you have a problem providing any of the supplies listed, please contact me or have the student discuss it with me during class.)


    Class Rules


    Also keep the following in mind to be successful in Art this year:


    Listen to Instructions: Set yourself up for success.


    Creativity: Explore your imagination and take risks.


    Effort: Challenge yourself as an Artist.


    Craftsmanship: Take pride in your work

    Consequences: (Refocus)*


    Level 1: Verbal warning


    Level 2: Student Written Reflection and Parent Contact.


    Level 3: Parent Contact

    After School Detention (Mondays or Fridays)


    Level 4: Parent Contact

    After School Detention (Mondays or Fridays)


    Level 5: Parent Contact and Office Referral


    *Serious infractions will result in an immediate referral to the AP’s office.



    How will, I be graded? :


    Project Grade – This is determined with the use of our UNIVERSAL ART RUBRIC. 


    Daily WorkThis grade includes daily art warm ups and other day to day class activities.


    Daily Class Time Structure:


    WARM UP:

    • 5-7 Warm Up Drawing (This begins as soon as a student enters the room).



    • Teacher announcements/ introduction or review of information. Instruction of skills and/or historical and cultural relevance.



    ·         Focus on individual art assignments/activity.





    • Summary of lesson and answering questions. Reminders for the next day.



    A time in class to share positive news with each other to build our class community.