Tonya Cargill

Contact Info:
Phone: 254-857-4621
Remind: 81010  @mscar1 regular reading
@mscarg2 advance reading

Daily Schedule:

1st Period - 6th Grade Reading
2nd Period - 6th Grade Reading 
3rd Period - 6th Grade Reading 
4th Period - 6th Grade Reading
5th Period -6th Grade Reading advanced
6th Period - Conference 1:50-2:35
7th Period - 6th Grade Reading

Scholastic book Club!!
Help our school class library we get books when you buy books!!<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

About Me:

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Hello, my name is Tonya Cargill this is my 18th year as a teacher and I have worked at Lorena Middle School for 9 years. I am a Baylor graduate. I Love my family, sports, (all sports) music, reading, and fishing! I believe hard work can be fun and rewarding! I can't wait to show you why I LOVE READING!


1st six weeks Book projects Due Septemnber 20th.
Students need to have books finished by September 16th to take the AR test.

Book Project
1 symbolic representation of the main plotv clonflict- The problem of the story,
character conflict-
5 examples of internal conflict of your character
5 examples of external conflict of your character
5 solution to  the internal conflict
all must be represented with symbolism