Rachelle Barrett

 "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever."  Walt Disney

Contact Info:

Phone: 254-857-8909

Daily Schedule
7:40  Journal writing
7:55 Start of school / Morning meeting/calendar
8:05 GAP
8:35 Johnny Can Spell; Math
10:10-10:40  Recess
10:45 Math review, book writing, read to self, whole group reading
11:15-11:50  Lunch
11:50  Reading; Daily Five
1:00-2:00  P.E.,  and either music, computers or library
2:00-3:10  Science or Social Studies; Math tubs, whole group reading, read to self
3:10  Pack up
3:20 Dismiss

About Me:

I love teaching in Lorena and I love first grade!  This is my fifteenth year in Lorena and my tenth year to teach first grade!

  • Please send lunch money in an envelope or baggie labeled with the student's name.
           Best way to reach me is either to call the school or email me.