Rachal Roessler

"How do you know what you don't know unless you know that you don't know it.'

Contact Info:

Email: rachalroessler@lorenaisd.net
Phone: 254-857-4604

Daily Schedule:

1st Period - Chemistry
2nd Period - Chemistry
3rd Period - Chemistry
4th Period - E. Science
5th Period -Conference
6th Period - E. Science
7th Period - Chemistry
8th period- Chemistry

Supplies for Class
2 Composition Books
Writing utensils (Pen or Pencils)
Highlighters (2nd six weeks and beyond)
Map Colors (2nd Six Weeks and Beyond)
Glue Sticks/ Tape

SSDC Coach- Space Settlement and Design Competition 

Congrats to the 2017-2018 Team on a 3rd Place Finish at International Competition this Summer at Kennedy Space Center.  

About Me:

I am a Composite Science, Math 4-8 , and Generic Special education certified teacher for the state of Texas. I have a degree from Baylor University and University of Texas.

 I h
ave completed my Master’s work at the University of Texas as of the Summer of 2010,  My research project involved me working on improving ultracapacitors.  Due to my research and my results I currently have a patent pending approval.  Furthermore if all data is verified, there is also a possible publication involved.  I have truly been blessed to have been able to work with a phenomenal group.  Dr. Bielawski and his team of graduate assistants welcomed me into the group and I had the best and most rewarding summer experience of my life.   UTeach has been a wonderful experience where I have re-evaluated my own learning style and have been able to make adjustments in my own class.

I love to be outdoors.  I love to go waterskiing, hiking, biking, blading, running, and anything else that is outdoors and is also active.  A few years ago, I ran my first 5K in Meridian, Texas.  As you can see I believe all  things are possible.  So never stop trying.  Also I like to ride my bike in bike rides across Texas.  Throughout the year I will be traveling to ride in bike rides.  On my wall in my room is a map with all the rides displayed. 

I also love to learn and believe that learning is a wonderful process what should never be feared but encouraged by all.  Life is too short to stop learning, and the world is an ever-changing place which we have a responsibility to learn and adapt to these changes by constantly challenging our brains to learn, process, and apply new knowledge.

M.A. Chemistry Education
University of Texas
Austin, Texas
B.S. Science Education
Baylor University
Waco, Texas

Central Texas Archeology Society- Secretary '14- present

Texas Archeology Society- Education Committee -'14 to present.

Association Chemistry Teachers of Texas (ACT 2)

EXES- University of Austin

AP Advocate For Texas

Presentations/ Awards:

American Chemical Society Hach Grant Recipient 2016.

Conference for the Advancement of science teachers

Texas Computer Education Association

Central Texas Archaeology Society

Thank you to the Organizations that help with access to various equipment for the continual improvement of science here at Lorena ISD. 

Lorena Education Foundation
Vernier Probes: Temperature and pH probes

Continual Support of SSDC (Space Settlement Design Competition) through Regional Competition in Houston

American Chemical Society: 
National Hachs Grant
Vernier Probes: Oxidation and pH probes

Sofia EXES: 
FLIR One: Infrared Camera

Awarded for the 

Thanks so much for the continual support from all these organizations.