Grading Policy


Major Grades 60%

  • Major Grades will include, but are not limited to, tests, essays, and reading projects.
  • Each six weeks you will have at least two major grades.

Minor Grades 40%

  • Minor Grades will include vocabulary, homework, quizzes, journals, and any daily work.

AP/Pre-AP classes do not accept late work.


Major Grades 40%

  • Projects

Minor Grades 50%

  • In class assignments, daily work, and participation

Lab/Quiz Grades 10%

  • Written reflection at the end of a unit


Test 30%

  • SIX service hours performed outside of school hours for the district or community

Daily 50%

  • In-Class work, participation, training, daily projects, journals, etc.

Lab/Quiz 20%

  • Mentorship and attendance