Dual Credit

We are pleased to be able to offer Lorena High School students the opportunity to enroll in dual credit classes. A dual credit class is a course in which a student receives both high school and college credit. Currently, Lorena High School students have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit programs through McLennan Community College (MCC) and Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Traditionally, Lorena High School students take dual credit courses in the junior and/or senior year of high school.

Students enrolled in dual credit classes receive many benefits: a head start on college coursework and reasonable tuition and fees; however, dual credit candidates also need to take precautions to avoid potential pitfalls:

  •  Dual credit students are building a college transcript, and grades earned will be recorded permanently on the college academic record.
  • Many classes taken as dual credit will transfer to a student's future college and/or major, but some do not. It is the student's responsibility to research potential colleges and majors to investigate whether or not a dual credit class will transfer and be helpful in meeting future academic goals.

More information about dual credit at MCC can be found at http://dc.mclennan.edu

    The process for completing the dual credit process is as follows:

  • Attend the Dual Credit Orientation Meeting during the spring pre-registration process 
  • Review the dual credit packet obtained from the counseling office 
  • Complete the MCC college application
  • Make arrangements to take the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) assessment         
    • Students can be exempt from taking TSI through an ACT or SAT test score
  • Complete the Dual Credit Course Request Forms (both LHS and MCC forms)
  • Complete the Tuition Fee Waiver form if applicable (MCC only)
  • Get the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine if taking courses on the college campus
  • Turn in all application materials to your counselor by the assigned deadline!


**Dual Credit candidates need to have all application materials 
completed and turned in to your counselor no later than Monday, May 18!**