Jackie Ledger

Contact Info:
My conference period is 7th period, from 1:50-2:35. I will return emails and calls during this time and after school.

Email: jackieledger@lorenaisd.net
Phone: 254-857-4604

Daily Schedule:

1st Period - Eng 3&4 (my room)
2nd Period - Eng1 with Ms.Brown
3rd Period - Eng4 with Ms.Patrick
4th Period - Eng2 with Coach Sowders
5th Period - Eng 1&2 (my room)
6th Period - Special Ed Admin
7th Period - Conference period
8th Period - Eng3 with Mrs.Smith

About Me:

I am the High School Special Education teacher for English. I teach English in my room for two periods each day, and co-teach with each of the other English teachers for one period a day.