Coach Glaser

"Don't try to impress people with the things that you have, instead impress them with who you are." 

Contact Info:

Phone: 254-857-4621
Remind: Not Available
Twitter: Not Available

Daily Schedule:

1st Period -       Leopard Leadership
2nd Period -      Leopard Leadership
3rd Period -      Leopard Leadership
4th Period -      Leopard Leadership
5th Period -      Leopard Leadership
6th Period -      Conference
7th Period -      Leopard Leadership

About Me:
I am married to my beautiful wife, Mrs. Glaser, LMS Instructional Specialist. We have four handsome and wonderful sons: Garrett, Greyson, Graham, and Granger plus a beautiful, petite daughter, Gennaveve. Gennaveve and Granger are twins, and we introduced them to our world on April 28, 2015.

This is the beginning of my 17th year at Lorena Middle School. For 11 years, I  coached middle school football, varsity girls' soccer, and some middle school track. 

In May 2013, I graduated with my Master's in Educational Administration from Lamar University.