School social workers are an important link between school, home, and the community. With this webpage I hope to expand upon my ability to provide information regarding community services available to families and, particularly, for children. Parenting can be a challenging and complex job and I'd like to help connect you to services that may be useful.

This site is a "work in progress". I'll continue to edit the information and format to make it increasingly helpful to parents.

If you're in need of information and referral to services not listed on the links to the left, please email me and I'll do my best to help you find assistance.

If you know of a service or program that you've been very happy with, please share it by emailing me and I'll include it on this site. Parents are often the best resource for other parents :)

Thank you~
Lisa Zittis, MSW, LSW
Social Worker
Child Study Team
908-213-2995, extension 2805