Placer Miners AWESOME Sixth Grade ~ 2019-2020

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     This website is maintained by Mrs. Reader and Mrs. Swain to provide helpful information to our sixth graders and their families. Here you will find information for Language Arts, Math, Social Science, and Science as well as school activities including camp.  Use the drop down menu at the left to choose the subject area needed. A copy of the student planner can also be found using the last tab in the menu on the left side of this page.

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     If your child is kept home, they still need to feel prepared for  the next day at school. Please have your child utilize their tools to complete as much as they can at home: CPM math Book, Study Sync, Google Classroom AND their study-buddy. 

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Sixth Grade "Month at a Glance" CALENDAR:

    This is where we've embed the Class Google Calendar of deadlines, events, and upcoming assessments for 6th grade students. Please remember that as the students' needs change, so will the schedule of assignments!

6th Grade Calendar