Add-Ons & Extensions

"Awesome Add-Ons & Exciting Extensions: 
Personalizing Your Google Experience"
Presented by Cate Tolnai
TOSA: Instructional Technology Support Provider
Loomis Union School District
#lusded #noinfohogs #coachesmatter

Beginner Session (Group A) - We will go slower. 
Intermediate Session (Group B) - We will try to go a little quicker. 

To Everyone - Give "it" a shot and remember you will have access to all these resources from here on out! Ask questions, connect with the people sitting around you, and don't worry about making mistakes - that's how you learn! I'm already so proud of you and excited for you that you are here!!
Love, Cate

Overall Goals:
    1. Navigate the Chrome App Store RE: Extensions
    2. Install Chosen Chrome Extensions
    3. Play with Installed Chrome Extensions and Support Each Other

Next Steps:
    1. Navigate Add-On Interface
    2. Install Chosen Add-Ons
    3. Play with Installed Add-Ons and Support Each Other

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Chrome Extensions

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Chromoji Extension
EasyBib Tools Extension
AdBlock Extension
Pin It Button Extension (Pinterest)
SymbalooEDU Extension

Google Docs Add-Ons

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g(Math) Add-On