Decals & Labels

Longwood Signworks is your one-stop shop for all varieties of custom decal stickers. Have a bumper sticker idea? An interesting or funny image you wanted to put on your car? Need to create labels for your product? We can do that!

We can work with you to put your idea on just about anything; custom decals and labels can be in any shape, size, and colors imaginable. Longwood Signworks will help you get your message across! Not quite sure how to word what you want to say or what image would be “just right”? No worries- our design team is here to help.

Maybe you would like to place a large logo on an office wall or floor- we have a wide range of materials that allow decals to be placed just about anywhere. Our vinyl material offers differing grades of adhesion; from low tack stickers that can be easily and quickly removed after an event to high tack floor graphics that need to be able to withstand heavy traffic without losing its color (and everything in between).